In recognition of the diversity of opinion and the wide array of groups and perspectives in civic society across Northern Ireland, Dr. Haass and Dr. O’Sullivan were dedicated to conducting a process that was as inclusive as possible. They conducted over 100 meetings with over 500 individuals throughout the Panel of Parties process and established this site to receive submissions from members of the public. The site received more than 600 such submissions from individuals and organisations during the course of the Panel's work, generating and reflecting an important public conversation about the three issues on the Panel's agenda.

These written submissions made a significant contribution to the work of the Panel. They showed the thoughtful perspectives that exist across the society and the considerable efforts underway to build a shared and prosperous future for Northern Ireland. Although the Panel is no longer able to receive submissions, Dr. Haass and Dr. O'Sullivan wholeheartedly thank all those who took the time to offer their views. Please see the Publications page for information on their ongoing work related to the Panel of Parties process.